Chapati Conveyor Machine 900 Per Hr.

Heavy Duty Model

Benefits Of Model Heavy Duty

1. Chapati Press Teflon plates are heavy and coating life is better to avoid sticking of chapaties.

2. Body panel sheets are 1mm thick heavy sheet.

3. Conveyor flats are 304 SS never flex on high temp. also food grade.

4. Diamond heavy chains and its guides are 304 SS better for alignment of chains.

5. Bearings are heavy duty for smooth running of conveyor.

6. Motor & gear box are heavy duty.

7. Control panel's all parts are branded.

Technical Details

Capacity: 900 Chapaties per hr.

(actual production depends upon skills of operator).

Size of chapati: 5” to 8” dia.

Thickness of Chapati: 1.5 to 2.5 mm. app.

Chapati press plates: 4 mm thick aluminum Teflon coated plates supported with 22mm metal plates covered with SS 304 covers.

Motors: 1 hp motor & heavy duty gearbox (crompton grevies)

Heating System: Chapati rolling press is having 1.5 K. watt. X 2 no. heaters and conveyer with LPG four burners.

Control Panels: Digital panel (all heavy duty parts).

Energy Consumption: Electrical heaters & motor consumes 3.8 KW (3 to 4 units per hour) approx. (power supply 220 volt (single/three phase))

Fuel: LPG gas burners consumes 2.5 kg. appx. pr. hr.

Machine Size: 72” X 28” X H 56”, Wt. 300 KG (approx.)

Shafts & Sprockets: Made with EN steel & case hardened.

Body & Structure: SS 202 sheet panels made with laser cutting and CNC bending 1mm thick with glass wool insulation. and structure of 5mm thick mild steel angles and food contact parts of 304 food grade stainless steel.

Bearing: Bearings (Heavy Duty) with high temperature grease filled.

Base Plates: 6mm & 8 mm base plates are used for gear mounting and press of mild steel.

Packing: Size of wooden boxes 34 x 76 x 48 Inches wt 260kg. & 22 x 24 x 24 Inches Ht. (wt. 60 kg) appx.

Flour for chapatis: Simple chakki atta, (wheat flour), shakti bhog, aashirwad or any branded flour can be used for chapatis. Poori can also be made on this machine as semi cooked except frying.