Only Chapati Pressing Machine

Super Food Grade Model

Benefits Of Super Food Grade Model

1. This machine is suitable for officer mess and hospital canteens,where hygiene is required to make 200-400 chapatis per hour with tawa system for baking(Tawa not included).

2. This heavy duty machine is suitable for long period running for continuous use .

3. It requires very less maintainance

4. For 150-250 chapatis 24'' *36'' (hot plate required)

5. For 250-450 chapatis 24'*48' tawa(hot plate required).

6. Its motor and gear box is fitted in lower compartment to keep away from heat,with fan to keep motor cool for long hours use

Technical Details

Capacity: 600-800 per hr raw Chapatis of wheat flour

Size of chapati: 6” to 8” dia. approx

Thickness of Chapati: 1.5 to 2.5 mm.adjustable

Chapati press plates:4mm thick aluminum Teflon coated (du-pont food grade coating) plates supported with 22mm metal plates covered with SS 304 covers

Motors: .5 hp motor (make crompton greaves) & heavy duty grearbox Italian (transtechno)

Heating System:Chapati rolling press is heaving 1.5 K watt X2 no. heaters (Ceramic)

Control Panels: Digital panel with all heavy duty parts of branded make.

Energy Consumption: Electrical heaters & motor consumes 3.5 KW (3 to 4 units per hour)approx (power supply 220 volt(single/three phase))

Machine Size: 22” X 22” X H 54”, Wt. 100 KG (approx.)

Body & Structure: Main Frame of ms angels powder coated body sheet covers 1.2 -1.5 mm thick SS 304 grade & all engineering parts EN series hardened (Chrome plated)

Packing: Wooden box 26" * 30" * 60" inches wt 150kg

Process: After feeling Peda (round ball of dough) round chapati will come out with-in seconds(without sticking)

Note: Tawa systems(hot plate) with puffer plate are available on extra cost(LPG based)