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Park Enterprises manufactures an excellent, high quality and easy to use automatic Chapati making machine under the Brand name "LABOFREE". We provide the best chapati cooking system in India to save time and labour. The design of the machine is compact to occupy less space but its performance is exceptional. The machine is light weight fitted on caster wheels to move any where.


The world of automatic Chapati making. Here you will be introduced to the latest concept of Chapati making, which will leave you fascinated. You will be amazed to experience this fine way of chapati cooking.You will feel the essence of naturally puffed and baked chapatis that remain very soft and fresh even after hours of baking. You can even watch the video of our Chapati Making Machine and you will realize how good it is.


Chapatti making machine manufactured by us can make 900 to 1000 chapattis in one hour, saving a lot of time and labour. The chapattis made by this machine are totally home like and 100% hygienic. You can use normal Chakki aata (local flour mills and shakti bhog / ashirwad aata etc) with this Roti Making Machine for making soft and high in quality chapattis in mass numbers.